I don’t know about anyone else… but after seeing the news about the shambles that was created this black Friday in the UK…I feel so ashamed.

People getting pushed and shoved, trod on, thrown to the ground & god knows what else! All for some discounted TV,  games & whatever…. when did we turn so greedy and into such animals!

I feel so ashamed of us and I know many others feel the same way.

Black Friday should remain in America as it is their tradition to have this day after their Thanks Giving.

Britain should stop copying!!!!!!! Leave it
be! We have sales all through the year & we have boxing day! (Which in my opinion… no shops should be open! Christmas is for family!not stupid sales.
today was embarrassing and disgusting. Get rid of black Friday in the UK!!!!!

Rant over!



This is beyond gorgeous. Animals are so beautiful



Vlad and Sayan two of the Amur tigers at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. They have been companions for a few years now but unfortunately they are not compatible for the conservation programme. So they have got a new girlfriend for Vlad but they leave these two together most of the time.As you can see they are good pals.

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Just because…

Puppies… kittens… bunnies… I love animals. even more so as babies! They are cute, playful & want your attention… Most of the time! If there’s anything in this cruel world that can put a smile on my face no matter what!… It is my pets. ☺😍

Taylor Grace

No matter what happened at work, no matter what the weather is or how grumpy I feel, puppies always make me smile.



Dachshund on white background




But there are cat-people out there and I don’t mean to leave you out!




I know, you want one now, don’t you? Me too! πŸ™‚

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Back on the treadmill


                     October 14th 2014

So today I got back on the treadmill after months & months of being away from the bike & treadmill. I tend to go through phases where for a few minutes I love exercise! And the next 8 just want to chill & dip my custard creams in my tea!
So now is one of the times where I’m getting back on it! It’s taken a lot of motivation to do this. As for the last few months I couldn’t be arsed.  I’ve put on a little weight,  even though I NEVER weigh myself as I see weighing scales as evil & they control people. I can see in the mirror that I’m no longer toned & my arms & face have gone a little bigger. Boo!!!
So anyway! I put the trainers back on today, and did 1 minute walking fast & 2 minutes running.  Only for 20 minutes, but hey! Got to start somewhere! So let’s see if I can keep this up & how well I get on πŸ™‚