This is beyond gorgeous. Animals are so beautiful



Vlad and Sayan two of the Amur tigers at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. They have been companions for a few years now but unfortunately they are not compatible for the conservation programme. So they have got a new girlfriend for Vlad but they leave these two together most of the time.As you can see they are good pals.

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Just because…

Puppies… kittens… bunnies… I love animals. even more so as babies! They are cute, playful & want your attention… Most of the time! If there’s anything in this cruel world that can put a smile on my face no matter what!… It is my pets. ☺😍

Taylor Grace

No matter what happened at work, no matter what the weather is or how grumpy I feel, puppies always make me smile.



Dachshund on white background




But there are cat-people out there and I don’t mean to leave you out!




I know, you want one now, don’t you? Me too! πŸ™‚

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Back on the treadmill


                     October 14th 2014

So today I got back on the treadmill after months & months of being away from the bike & treadmill. I tend to go through phases where for a few minutes I love exercise! And the next 8 just want to chill & dip my custard creams in my tea!
So now is one of the times where I’m getting back on it! It’s taken a lot of motivation to do this. As for the last few months I couldn’t be arsed.  I’ve put on a little weight,  even though I NEVER weigh myself as I see weighing scales as evil & they control people. I can see in the mirror that I’m no longer toned & my arms & face have gone a little bigger. Boo!!!
So anyway! I put the trainers back on today, and did 1 minute walking fast & 2 minutes running.  Only for 20 minutes, but hey! Got to start somewhere! So let’s see if I can keep this up & how well I get on πŸ™‚

October 7th 2014…


Haven’t gone for a proper run for about… 5-6 months. When you’re all loved up in a relationship, you get so wrapped up in the bubble you forget about other things.  And running & gym time, I abandoned! Haha. But I love.my boyfriend, been together over a year now & still hard as nails! But now I realise… I need to get back into my fitness!
We are getting a running machine later on today, as I feel too insecure to run outside… well the lack of running I would be doing! So I thought I’d start with this machine to build my energy & my confidence back, and then take it outside.
Perhaps some day I will be one of those awesome people who run half marathons & 10k runs for charity. Fingers crossed!